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Corset Storage Bags

Corset Storage Bags

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This storage bag is specifically designed to protect your corsets. Storage bags keep your corset nicely folded and tucked away - protect your corset from UV rays, dust, and more! Storing your corsets properly help to keep them clean, prevent the laces from tangling, and makes your corsets travel-friendly. Stack them on a shelf, store them in a drawer or chest, or hang them! Available in three different sizes and three different colors to meet your needs!

White dragon brocade storage bags: you'll never have to worry about dark storage bags potentially transferring dye to your light colored corsets! Keep wedding corsets clean and pristine.

Black floral brocade storage bags: protect your black and deep-toned corsets with a bag as dark as your heart! These bags will offer the greatest UV blockage to prevent fading on your most precious goth accessories.

Red velvet storage bags: are you ready for the ultimate luxe storage option? These ruby red, short-nap velvet bags were our OG storage bags which changed the game of proper corset storage. They are just asking to be pet!


 Corset Bag Sizes and Prices
Size Dimensions Price Fits Corsets
Small 13.75" x 4" x 2"  $14.98 Slim and Hourglass Short and Regular
Medium 16.5" x 4" x 2"  $17.48 Gemini and Libra Regular, Hourglass Long and Slim Overbust
Large 19" x 4.5" x 2.5"  $19.98 Gemini Long and Hourglass Overbust


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