How to Size Yourself

In order for corsets to cinch in your waist your corset size will be smaller than your natural waist measurement. The number of your corset size indicates the number of inches the corset measures at its smallest point, the waist line.

Because corset sizing is so different from the way most modern clothes are sized, you'll need to take some measurements to determine which size will fit you the best. Ready to get sized? Grab a measuring tape and play the video below.

Now that you’ve watched our sizing video and you have your measurements, it's time to find your corset size.

Find your natural waist measurement on the chart, find the silhouette you have chosen and find the corset size for that particular silhouette.  Every silhouette has a different size metric, make sure you use the correct size for the silhouette you are ordering.  For those looking for a more robust sizing model see our How to Use Hip and Rib Springs page.


Note: If your under bust is less than, equal to, or only 1" greater than your waist measurement, go down an entire size from the size shown on the chart

 Natural Waist Slim and Slim Overbust  Hourglass (including Overbust  & Novice) Gemini* & Libra
21" - 22" 18 N/A N/A
23" - 24" 20 18 N/A
25" - 26" 22 20 18
27" - 28" 24 22 20
29" - 30" 26 24 22
31" - 32" 28 26 24
33" - 35" 30 28 26
36" - 37" 32 30 28
38" - 39" 34 32 30
40" - 41" 36 34 32
42" - 45" 38 36 34
46" - 48" 40 38 36
49" - 51" 42 40 38
52" - 55" N/A 42 40

*Gemini silhouette requires hips that measure at least 10" larger than waist measurement.

Our Overbust corsets come in 3 cup sizes based on U.S. bra sizes in addition to their waist size. This is an approximation of the relationship between bra cup size and corset cup sizing.  The Slim and The Hourglass Overbust have different sizing metrics and we suggest you look at the product pages for the most up to date sizing recommendations.



Length Center Front Measurement Recommendation
Short 8.25" Shorter torso or as a waist cincher (waspie)
Regular 11.5" Average length torso - Most common length, recommend if wearing the corset for sitting
Long 13" Longer torso - Long corsets also have hip ties for additional hip width adjustments


For additional information on choosing a silhouette, corset dimensions take a look at our FAQ's or contact us at

 If you are uncertain of your size we suggest you order from Timeless Trends. Corsets purchased from Timeless Returns can not be returned or exchanged.