About Timeless Returns

Timeless Returns is an extension of Timeless Trends Corsets. This outlet store provides our customers with an opportunity to purchase discontinued colorways, like-new returned corsets, and one-of-a-kind corsets at a reduced price.


The origin of Timeless Returns

In 2019, Timeless Trends made a monumental change: we decided to say NO to fast fashion and mass manufacturing, and shifted to 100% made to order, or MTO. This means each time a customer makes an order through Timeless-Trends.com, their corset is guaranteed to be brand new and factory-fresh. We only make what is wanted and demanded by the corset community. This minimizes fabric waste and deadstock corsets, keeping perfectly good products out of the landfill and minimizing our ecological footprint.

However, returns are a reality of every product-based business. With 90% of our customer base in the US, it didn’t make sense to ship returns back to our factory.

Timeless Returns (TR) is our answer to that problem. TR is a US-based outlet store where we stock our like-new and sellable returned products, as well as old discontinued and out-of-stock styles. We continue to minimize our ecological footprint, and you get to score great discounts on your favorite corsets.


What’s wrong with these corsets?

Nothing! In fact, a percentage of the corsets returned to us were never even taken out of the package and are still “factory fresh.” Others have been gently tried on, but they are completely free of blemishes, stains, glitter, odors, sweat/lotion marks, fur or dander. Only corsets in their New and Original condition are resold. Each item is inspected, cleaned, repackaged and made ready for shipment.

When you think about it, most fashion brands (corsets or other garments) will accept returns and then restock those same items right back on the shelves among the brand new items. Have you ever ordered what you thought was a new blouse, and received something haphazardly stuffed into a bag that didn’t quite look new? That will never happen when you order from Timeless Trends.

When you step into an apparel store at the mall, a customer has no way of knowing how many dozens or hundreds of customers tried on that dress in the fitting room before you. But it is still sold as a “new” item, at the new price point.

Timeless Returns is our way of communicating utmost transparency. The corsets are still--by all intents and purposes--Like New, but what didn’t work for one person might become your found treasure.


What about broken corsets?

We would never deliberately restock damaged or defective corsets and put them back into circulation - this is disrespectful to our customers. One or two extra sales would not be worth the loss of your trust. If you believe you received a defective corset by mistake, please reach out to us at Support@timeless-trends.com and we will be happy to work with you to remedy the issue.

Returns made through the Lifetime Guarantee go through a different administrative process to regular returns, ensuring that they should not be mixed up. Any corsets returned via the Lifetime Guarantee process is set aside to be inspected by our Quality Control team to troubleshoot the damage, and report back to the factory on any required changes to manufacturing.

As part of our ongoing anti-waste initiative, in 2023 we reached out to a North American film and performance wardrobe warehouse who gladly accepted donations of our mildly flawed unsellable corsets. So even our reparable corsets are not resold but sent for a new life in film and theater.

If a broken corset is truly unsalvageable, then it is mindfully discarded (ex. steel bones can be accepted for scrap metal, fabric can be sent to textile recycling).



We still offer our Lifetime Guarantee

The famous Timeless Trends Lifetime Guarantee applies to all items purchased directly from Timeless Trends or Timeless Returns. We guarantee that the busk and bones will not break and seams will not rip.  To view the complete Lifetime Guarantee policy click here. 

Lifetime Guarantee Policy 



Where are your corsets shipped from? Do you ship internationally?

TR inventory are shipped by our Returns Team in Richmond, VA.

We ship within the United States using USPS. All orders above $100 are eligible for free USPS Ground Advantage shipping!

New in 2024, our Returns outlet has expanded their market to international: we are excited to offer affordable FedEx shipping to Europe, UK, Australia, Canada and Mexico! FedEx transit takes 6-8 days. International customers are responsible for all taxes, duties and bond fees.


We have limited styles, silhouettes and sizes available.  To see the newest selection of fabrics, styles and full range of sizes, visit our store at  Timeless-Trends.com.