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Beige Fine Mesh No Line Corset, Gemini Cupped Silhouette, Regular

Beige Fine Mesh No Line Corset, Gemini Cupped Silhouette, Regular

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SKU: LGC-538

Timeless Trends does it again, bringing you the No Line Mesh corset! This corset was designed to give you curves with a sleek and sinuous fit.  Perfect for stealthing under tight and form fitting outfits.  Available in multiple silhouettes you can get the curves you deserve while wearing your slinkiest evening grown.   This corset is not fragile! It has been tested for all day everyday wear and it does not give an inch.

These items are returns from our customers and are in their "NEW-Original" condition.  Each item has been inspected, cleaned, and repacked into new bags and boxes. They are now ready for use. Sizes are limited, and all sales are FINAL. 

Made of two layers of our specially sourced fine mesh, with a thinner more flexible  boning that molds to your body for that no line look.  In front we use a rigid steel boning to help hold in the stomach and we only use YKK zippers which are the best quality available.

And if you are looking for that edgy fashion statement - wear it out and see who takes notice. 

About the Gemini Corset:

Your hips must be at least 10 inches greater than your waist to fit the Gemini Corset. 

The Cupped Gemini silhouette is designed to cup over the ribcage and place compression around the waist, while leaving room for the ribs. This is appropriate for those who have larger or inflexible ribs.

The Gemini corset is designed for experienced corset wearers or those with naturally curvy figures. The Gemini has an 8" rib spring and a 12" high hip spring. The Gemini extends down over the hips on the side and accommodates a 16" low hip spring. 

  • The number of spiral steel bones vary with sizing.¬† The size 22 has 34 spiral bones.¬† Larger sizes will have more
  • Solid steel bones on both sides of the grommets to provide support, thinner than our standard bones for more comfort
  • Flexible long lasting plastic YKK zipper supported on each side with steel bones
  • Matching front modesty placket under the zipper
  • Waist tape for added support at the waist line
  • Laced with matching single faced satin ribbons¬†

Dimensions in inches

  • Center front: 11" with 10" busk
  • Underbust to hip: 9.5"
  • Side length: 11"
  • Center back: 13.5"¬†

Springs (all measured from the bottom of the waist tape)

  • Rib Spring: 8
  • Upper Hip Spring: 12
  • Low Hip Spring: 16¬†

ALWAYS completely unlace your corset prior to putting it on or taking it off.  You will damage the zipper if you do not completely loosen the laces in the back.  For more corset care:



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Sizes and styles are limited in Timeless Returns.

Our full selection of corsets and complete range of sizes are always available at Timeless