Black Cashmere Corset
Black Cashmere Corset
Black Cashmere Corset

Timeless Trends

Black Cashmere Corset, Slim Silhouette, Regular

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SKU: USR-003

Our best seller is constructed with all steel boning and finished with a high quality cashmere! Perfect for wearing under an outfit as a shape wear corset or showing it off for some cosplay fun. A fan favorite, the dark, classic shade pairs well with any color to add that pop of style. The Black Cashmere Corset makes for an elegant accessory, whether you're looking to purchase a Gothic corset, cosplay corset, or simply trying to spice up your style. 

These items are returns from our customers and are in their "NEW-Original" condition.  Each item has been inspected, cleaned, and repacked into new bags and boxes. They are now ready for use. Sizes are limited, and all sales are FINAL. 

  • Constructed with 20 flexible spiral steel stays for added comfort and better form
  • 6 spring steel stays supporting the grommets and busk
  • ½ inch wide flexible steel busk front closure
  • 3 layers of fabric:
    • 2 inner layers constructed from high quality cotton twill
    • Outer layer of fabric constructed from 100% wool
    • Middle layer laminated to outer layer of fabric for added strength and a smooth finish
  • Waist tape for added support at the waist line
  • 4 garter loops
  • Laced with black laces
  • Note: Sizes 40 & 42 have a 1 inch wide flexible steel busk and 4 spring steel stays supporting the grommets

Dimensions in Inches:

  • Center front: 11-12" with a 10" busk
  • Side length: 9 3/4" - 10 1/2"
  • Center back: 12 1/4" - 13"
  • Underbust to hip: 9 1/2" - 10"

The Slim provides for our most natural (and comfortable) curves with a 4" rib spring and 7" hip spring.